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How to Get the Most Out of Facebook Ads | taught by Azriel Ratz

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Is this how you feel when others talk about Facebook ads?

Not for long!

Facebook Ads are currently the greatest tool available for growing your business to the next level.

The biggest issue with learning Facebook ads is understanding that it is just part of the larger puzzle of online marketing. You can learn how to actually create the ads (which is covered in this course) but without understanding marketing funnels, personas, and simply how the Facebook algorithm works you will not know how to make the best possible ads on Facebook. That is why I have included all of these classes, and more, in this course.

Whether you are a just beginner or even an advanced Facebook advertiser, this course will teach you how to decrease the cost of your ads, how to reach your optimal demographic, and how to troubleshoot those poorly performing ads, and much more!

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Reviews from Previous Students:

"I am so glad to have joined Avery's Facebook Ads Online Course. If you want to use Facebook Ads to increase you or your clients' ROI in a fun, engaging and attentive course, then I highly recommend you sign up for Avery's course so you too can become an expert at advertising on Facebook."

Yoel Israel, WadiDigital

"Azriel's class was without a doubt the best money I have ever spent for an online course. You learn everything you possibly need to know to get started on Facebook Ads. Even if you have previous Facebook Ad experience, which I did, there are nuggets of information littered all throughout this course that you can take.

I loved how Azriel provided actionable insights and tips that you can do today to improve your Facebook Ads, but also gave you the high level knowledge of Facebook Ads like how the advertising algorithm works.

I would recommend this course to anybody who is looking to improve their Facebook Ad campaigns, and want real information without the fluff of typical online courses.

The knowledge I gained through this course LITERALLY helped me get a full time job as a digital marketer."

Blake P.

"Although I’ve been running targeted ads for my clients for about 3 years, I wasn’t always happy with the targeting results. I used to troubleshoot targeting quite a bit, crossing my fingers that I wouldn’t spend too much of my clients ad dollars on poorly targeted campaigns. I knew I was missing some advanced tactics and was excited when Avery’s Facebook ads course filled in the gaps that it would have taken me a year to learn. Targeting is a science, so glad I chose the right professor!"
Sarah S.

"Anyone who is seeking to understand the in depth, advanced nuances of Facebook that are almost only gained through hands on experience should sign up for these value packed courses. Lead by a Facebook marketing master, these classes are advertising gold. Beginners will benefit from access to courses that they can watch multiple times and intermediate advertisers will be able to level up their game with a wealth of detailed insights from a true practitioner in the ever changing world of Facebook. I highly recommend this content as someone who is an avid content consumer on this topic."

Chelsea P.

"I have been wanting to start my Facebook page and run ads for months but I kept feeling paralyzed because I was not sure where to start. This class was incredible. He made it so personal. His process guided me through the steps and taught be where to focus my time and money to maximize my results. Sign up you will not regret it."

Terry Grier – Insurance Agent – Austin, Texas

Azriel Ratz
Azriel Ratz
Facebook Ads Expert

Azriel Ratz has been working in online advertising for 5 years. He has tested the best methods for running Facebook ads and is now teaching you how to get the best ROI for your business using Facebook ads.

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Email: Info@RatzPackMedia.com

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Final Thoughts

Reviews (27)

Excellent Course! Love Azriel's Passion for the Ad Product!

by Lorri Klassen
I've definitely learned what I came here for, thanks Azriel for putting together such a great course on Facebook ads!

by gershon Baruch

by Neha Misra
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Excellent Course! Love Azriel's Passion for the Ad Product!

by Lorri Klassen
I've definitely learned what I came here for, thanks Azriel for putting together such a great course on Facebook ads!

by gershon Baruch

by Neha Misra

Phase One

by Ernie Vila
Absolutely phenomenal explanation of the Persona and breaking it down where it makes so much sense!

Awesome course

by Jason Diaz
I love how details this course is. The information is all relevant in setting up ads

by Eduard Jayro Sarong
Much appreciated your Facebook Ad Mastery Course and I hope to learn it soon. Thank you!

Just a suggestion.

by Enrico Buyo
It might be better to do a split screen on what you are talking about. For example, while you are talking about Ad Manager it might be good to keep a live or a picture of Ad Manager and highlighting each sub sections as you talk about them so the viewer don't have to open their Ad Manager just to see which part you are talking about.

Start with the ESSENTIALS

by Maria Abaya
Great insight:) Save a lot of trouble;r down the road . Polishing this stage will ensure less heartache, headache , cost and confusion down the line of any ad campaign. This is where the REAL is done ! Watch, write down notes, watch again , ponder and get to work.


by rachel flam
I am blown away by the amount of information here. Fantastic!! Thank you so much for this high quality course!!

Great Course

by Sriram R S
The course is very powerful. I especially enjoyed Ratz's presentation, the way he threw his hands and explained things really makes this course very engaging.

by Tricia Bantog

Awesome Course!

by Marco Del Rosario
I learned so much on Facebook Ads. Looking forward to testing out the new strategies I learned! :)


by Amy VanLiew
OMG this course was amazing. I had no idea what I DIDN'T know about FB ads. I was boosting posts right and left with not much success. I cannot wait to create my first campaign with all you've taught me. I'm a retired engineer so I LOVE the process you gave us to duplicate and then analyze. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and giving me so much more than I expected; funnels, landing pages, troubleshooting, analyzing...I am forever grateful Amy VanLiew from Be Healthy Enough beheatlhyenough.com

Personas and Marketing Funnels, Introduces Clarity

by Derak Glover
Section one Personas and Marketing Funnels are the needed Clarity to move forward. Whether you complete the course or not. What we get with section one, goes beyond the course.

This guy is amazing.

by carlos montoya
This guy is amazing. I know a thing or two about Fb ads, and I am always learning and studying new strategies. I just realized, after the first module of this course, a terrible mistake I am making with my Marketing Persona. Thank you Ratz Pack Media. Highly recommended. Carlos Montoya.

Shockingly amazing!

by Ben Biron
This course was literally packed with insights! Even as I have been dabbling in FB Ads for a number of years and many of the concepts are familiar, Avery of RatzPackMedia explains things with clarity and depth greatly increasing my knowledge. Highly recommended!

by Analyn Aguillon

Very informative

by Malou Paragas
Learned new and useful information about Facebook.


by Sue Sutcliffe
Loved your energy and kudos to you for an awesome walkthrough of how to create successful Facebook Ads!


by Laura Jenkins
Awesome content and love the enthusiasm. Thanks so much! I learned a ton!

One of the best courses out there on Facebook ads!

by Hassan Ali
I thoroughly enjoyed this course and Azriel gave a lot of value. I have definitely learned a lot that I otherwise would not have and I recommend this course to anyone regardless of their experience in Facebook ads.


by simon wren
At First,I Wasn't Sure How Good This Course Was Going To Be?..As It Covers Some Subjects I Was Already Familiar With..But As I Went Through It.. - It Soon Becomes Clear,This Course Really Digs Down Into 'The Nuts & Bolts' Of Facebook Ads Mastery .. = Time Well Spent!.

Very comprehensive and valuable course!

by cathy hamm
Facebook Ads Mastery course is a great resource for facebook marketers.

Fantastic and Thorough Course!

by Rebecca Pytell
I absolutely loved this Facebook Ads course! Step-by-step, I now feel confident in running, optimizing, and analyzing Facebook ads. I came into this course with minimal knowledge, but am walking away with everything I need to begin implementing ad strategies for my clients.


by Rajam Roose
Azriel does a great job of breaking down how to use Facebook ads, from understanding buyer persona, to targeting, to landing pages.......along with useful information about how the various parts of the Facebook ads system works. Highly recommend to anyone who is getting started with Facebook ads or who hasn't had any luck with them.

Biggest takeaway

by Eddie Constantino
A ton of information in less time. I already understand how to create and run a facebook ads. I can now give recommendation to my clients to optimize the ads spending in different audience..

Excellent Course !

by Soti Coker
Hey Azriel, Have done a Facebook ads course before but this one was way better ! There's lots of material in here. Mostly, you give a window into the realities of choosing optimization choices & strategy and this is often lacking in other courses. Well done and thanks for putting this course together ! Soti